Nicaragua... A la Orden

Nicaragua... A la Orden - Photo Collage

Overshadowed by its tourist mecca neighbor to the south, Costa Rica, and still plagued by its own tumultuous political past, Nicaragua is all too often overlooked by travelers. But this makes for a more genuine experience and a greater sense of adventure... All the more reason to go!

In this dynamic digital multi-media presentation volcanoes loom and beaches beckon! Stunning photography, richly authentic music and an in-depth narration combine to deliver an emotionally charged experience. Hear the calls from colorful markets, venture into dense tropical jungles, and marvel at a way of life that time — and most travelers — have passed by. Regardless of its low profile as a tourist destination, one thing is for certain — Nicaragua is a geologically and culturally vibrant land.

Above all else that Nicaragua has to offer is the warm welcoming pride of its people. Come along on this journey and experience the essence of Nicaragua that is... A la Orden.

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